SF Malika Moniet

Dam:  AK Mona Moniet

Dam Line:  OM Dalal / Moniet El Noufous / Wanisa

Sire:  TheEgyptianPrince

Sire Line:  Saklawi I / Nazeer / *Morafic

Bred by Suwannee Farm Arabians, and born 4/24/1987, TheEgyptianPrice daughter Malika Moniet was the original foundation mare purchased by Alexander Arabians to begin their breeding program in 1995.  Malika was bred to The Minstril and the foal was greatly anticipated.  Tragically, Malika and her foal died 2 weeks before the foal’s birth.  Malika suffered massive liver failure and could not sustain her pregnancy through birth.  Although we had her only 9 short months, Malika started Alexander Arabians, and her legacy will always be treasured.

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