ALX Al Mountazarah (Pi)

Dam:  ALX Kamriah

Dam Line:  Rodania / Bint Riyala / Samia

Sire:  Ansata Sheikh Halim

Sire Line:  Saklawi I / Nazeer / *Morafic

Bred by Alexander Arabians and born on “Pi” day, 3/4/2015, Pi is our only mare with a “barn” name.  Her name, Al Mountazarah, translates to “the long awaited one”.  This was due to her dam, Kamriah, being diagnosed with the bacteria causing strangles concentrated in her hock joints.  Because the treatment was steroids, which can be detrimental to a late term baby, Pi’s birth was greatly anticipated and worried about until she arrived all in one piece and perfectly healthy.  She now stands 15.1 hands, a full sister to Lulu, and we can’t wait to breed her too!

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